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1. You must reserve your limousine prior to your arrival at Toronto Airport. Your Chauffeur will register your NAME with the pre-arranged Limo Tower, and will be waiting in the pre-arranged parking lot away from the Terminals.

2. All Customers must proceed to the pre-arranged Commissionaire (Gentleman wearing white cap) or give us a call 416-259-0911.

3. After arriving, clear customs and collect your luggage, Then Proceed to see the Commissioners at the Pre-arrange limo stand (Designated posts*) Please give the Commissioner YOUR NAME, and ask For PEARSON INTERNATIONAL LIMOUSINE to be called in for you.

Pre-arrange limo stand Locations  are at each Terminal "The Designated Posts*", If you have difficulty locating "P/A POST" ask any commissioner, or call us 416-259-0911

TERMINAL 1-  Proceed to "Area B " out side "DOOR B"- at - POST # B, See overhead sign "PRE-ARRANGED LIMO"

TERMINAL 3- Proceed to POST # 29, middle of the terminal, see overhead sign "PRE-ARRANGED LIMO"

4. IN CASE OF ANY PROBLEM, It is your responsibility to call our office 416-259-0911.

5. Relax, your limo is only one minute away! We monitor the arrival times for all incoming flights, so if you change your flight number, or take a different airline, or if your flight is cancel, please notify us immediately by calling 416-259-0911.

Please note: If any problem...?  Please call us 416-259-0911

A.     If you have any difficulties at the airport or If the Commissionaire advises you that there is NO CAR from Pearson International Limousine registered under your name, or

B.    If within 3 minutes of notifying the Commissionaire a Pearson International Limousine does not appear to pick you up, please call our dispatch office immediately to assist you 416-259-0911.

Otherwise a NO SHOW fee will apply. In the event your flight arrives after 12.00 midnight, the Commissionaire may not be present. In this case, please call our dispatcher and we will send you your Limousine from the compound at any time, please call 416-259-0911 to assist you and to prevent the "no show " fee.

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